Thanks to All

05 Aug 2009
Posted by timecurve

This is a quick thank you to everyone who made Wednesday night's opening of the South Bank Sound Garden in Brisbane a success. First to Nora Farrell, Deborah Bassett, and Scott Santulli who worked tirelessly all month turning artistic visions into technical realities. Next, to Bruce Williams and his team at Griffith University, plus David Bennett and his team at the Queensland Conservatorium, all of whom made the garden come to life, from the servers in the ether to the amplified sounds on the ground. On the artistic side of things, thanks are also due to percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson for performing live with the garden, and to composer and sound artist Leah Barclay for allowing us to make flowers from her Eco Sonus sounds. But most of all, Nora and I want to thank Huib Schippers, the Director of the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre (and now newly named Director of the Con), and Events Manager Sue Punshon, both of whom have believed in and supported our work since iOrpheus days. All of these people, plus many more, are the real gardeners of Sonic Babylon, the heavy lifters, the planters and the pruners, the people who really made it come alive.